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Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward - Associate Attorney

Caleb Ward
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I grew up in Russellville, Arkansas. During school, I played trombone in the school band and guitar during my free time as well as hiking and camping with family over the summers. After high school, I studied Anthropology-Archaeology at University of Arkansas focusing on Greco-Roman cultures and Geophysical techniques eventually gaining my Master’s Degree in the field. These studies enabled me to travel to Turkey and Greece researching the ancient cultures therein. It also helped me uncover my true passion: fighting for social and criminal justice. In my archaeological studies, I researched the ways society created a social hierarchy and its effects on the citizens. This shifted during my masters program to wanting to fight the same hierarchy in our contemporary society leading me to pursue law.

In 2018, I began my legal studies at the University of Arkansas School of Law specializing in Criminal Law on an academic scholarship eventually graduating Magna Cum Laude. During my schooling, I worked with various firms in Northwest Arkansas as well as the Attorney General’s Office in their criminal department and the Benton County Public Defender’s Office. I also began representing clients and fighting for their justice during my third year when I took the legal clinic course.

As I practice law, I remain focused on helping people and achieving Justice in both criminal and social spheres. I take special interest in Criminal and Civil Rights Law because I believe every person is entitled to have their rights protected. No matter the person or case, I believe everyone deserves adequate representation to make sure justice is achieved and the truth is heard.
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